I think the most ironic statement in the Bible is this:

Chief priests and elders: you know, according to the law, we can’t put blood money in the temple treasury. 

The Voice- Matthew 27:6

How often do we do what we want and then once it’s accomplished we put the laws of God back on the table?  We use God when he gives us advantage and then we set him aside when he gets in our way.  

Jesus had told the disciples they would all stumble and fall on account of him. Peter told lies because he was uncomfortable. Judas handed Jesus to the elders because he didn’t understand. The elders broke many laws because they saw Jesus as a threat to what they believed. 

How often do I lie for my own comfort? How many times have I headed in the wrong direction because I didn’t understand things from God’s eternal perspective?  When have I set aside the law for my own advantage?

Luckily Jesus made a way to make us right with God again. He knows we will stumble. 

May God give us all conviction to the right thing in all situations. Praise Him for salvation when we don’t. 


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