Usually in my prayer life I am pretty straight forward with God.  Never disrespectful, I always understand my place in this relationship.  But I figure: if He already knows my thoughts and my heart, there is no place for pretense.

Lately, as I put on my spiritual armor (see Ephesians  6:10-20) I have been telling God that we need some updates.  I think the armor could stand a couple modern additions.  First, I think we a comm would be a good idea.  A cute little earbud that lets us communicate more effectively, more directly.  And second, night vision goggles {am I right?} would be excellent for this spiritual battle with darkness.

So at church Sunday, as I am worshipping God, I think about my armor.  I smile at my ideas, thinking maybe this time I can help God out a little.  And that’s when He reminds me of a few basic truths.

First, He already knows my thoughts and all I ever have to do is listen for that still small voice (1Kings 19:12).  No comms necessary.  Second, He is the light.  I have the best flashlight ever!!  I am not supposed to see into the darkness, I am supposed to shine a light into the darkness.  No night vision needed.

I love love love how God gently reminds me of the truth.  I love how the WORD I have hidden in my heart comes alive as God uses the truth I know to correct my thinking.  I am so thankful that God loves me enough to correct me, and that He is gentle every time He does.

Of course, God doesn’t leave it there.  Today (10/31) the devotional from Experiencing God has this quote:

God has provided you with spiritual armor that is more than sufficient to withstand any assault

Ok God, I get it.


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