Of Kings and Presidents

No, I am not going to talk about the election.  I am going to talk about God, and what He did for me on election day.

My sister, Shadow, gave me a new Bible for my birthday this year.  It is called The Voice.  It is a transliteration (like the Message) with commentary added throughout the text.  I am enjoying it immensely.  I started reading the New Testament this summer.  Then I skipped back to Job so I could read the poetry.  Now I am reading the prophets.  I just finished Jeremiah, and even though I have read it before, I am understanding so many new things.

Each day I set my timer for 30 minutes and read as much as I can.  This is giving me a bigger picture of the stories and context which I don’t get when I just read chapter by chapter.  When the timer goes off, I look back at what I’ve read and pick a verse or two to send to my children.

Tuesday (November 8,2016), I sent them each Jeremiah 42:11-12.  I told them I was praying for the election and how it would affect their future.  I didn’t fully realize the significance of it until the election completed that night and people started reacting.  So I wanted to share it with anyone else who might find it looking for hope.  It is rather profound and just reiterates to me how wonderfully good my God really is.

Jeremiah 42:11-12  “I know you are afraid of this king of Babylon, but don’t fear him any longer.  For I, the Eternal One, declare that I am with you and I will save you and rescue you from his authority.  I will show you compassion, and then he will have compassion on you.”

God has always been in control of who leads our country, just like He put Nebuchadnezzar to rule over Israel for a time.  God has a plan.  God knows the future. God never changes.

Be at peace, sweet readers,



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