Please note I have left the visibility of this blog open to the public so that anyone searching the web for topics I might write about can find my articles.  Because of that, I will not be using proper names for my family.  If you would please refer to us by these nicknames in any comments you make, I would appreciate it.

Let me introduce us.

Me, AJ

I am a Christian, an engineer, a homeschool mom, a grandmother, and a cook.  I feel like God has called me to be an encourager, although I know I have much to learn to be successful at that.  Mostly I try to be obedient, and I love to learn.

My husband: the HUNTER

He is also an engineer.  He is my handyman, mechanic, and hero.  He loves to fish and to hunt.


My daughter: SCUBA

She is studying Marine Fisheries at TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY at GALVESTON (my alma mater).  She is perceptive and wise.  She has a pretty voice and a pretty smile.


My son: JEEP

He is a junior in high school.  He has loved wheels since he could crawl.  He builds remote control cars, bicycles, and now he modifies his Jeep.  He has a great sense of humor and a big heart.


My step-daughter: SNOW WHITE

She is a young married adult with a family of her own.  She is crafty and creative and really smart.  She home schools her three older children and spoils her husband.  She is a treasure to me even though I always joke about being her wicked, evil step mother.


My son-in-law: the PRINCE

Of course SNOW WHITE married the PRINCE.  He takes such good care of her and their children.  He is a blessing.  And to him I am the nicest person ever!!!


Granddaughter #1: HAPPY

She is in the 6th grade this year, growing up so fast.  She is a beautiful spirit with a crazy sense of humor and a touch of her mother’s OCD (lol).  She is crafty and creative and a great helper.


Grandson #1: DOC

Doc is in the 5th grade close behind his sister.  He too is a great help in the kitchen and in the garage.  He is brave and enthusiastic, willing to try new things.


Grandson #2: BASHFUL

BASHFUL isn’t really bashful, he is outgoing and crazy and loves to make everyone laugh.  At 5, he is already styling his hair; he is just that confident.



Granddaughter #2: SLEEPY

SNOW WHITE’s newest edition to the family is this precious little bundle of joy.  She arrived just in time for the holidays.  I can’t wait to see how her personality developes.


Our dog: PURPLE

This is really SCUBA’s dog, but she stays with us while SCUBA is away at school.  Purple is a four year old pound puppy, a mix of border collie and probably lab.  She is old enough now to have her own way of communicating.



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